T-shirt yarn

T shirt yarn, what is it?

For needlewomen who are looking for the most comfortable yarn for knitting, there is no better option than knitted t-shirt yarn. With crochet tshirt cotton yarn you can create a product in just a few hours. Such a thing will be truly unique and very original!

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and benefits that make it worth buying knitted and crochet yarn.


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Benefits of T-shirt Yarn

For the manufacture of this strong and rather thick thread, a finished knitted fabric is used, which is cut into narrow strips, stretched in length and wound into balls. At the same time, the cut and elongated strips are twisted on both sides, so they form a spaghetti shape. That is why the second name that knitted yarn has is Zpaghetti.

Usually, tshirt yarn has a width of 7–9 mm, has a relief structure and is very pleasant to the touch. It consists of 100% natural cotton, so it does not cause allergic reactions.

As for the color palette of organic cotton yarn, which you can buy inexpensively, it is quite wide and varied: from bright saturated to nude matt shades.

Even inexperienced beginners can create a product from yarn!

Since spaghetti yarn is a thick thread, large knitting needles are used when knitting them. If you use a hook, it should also be large.

All products made of  yarn perfectly keep their shape, will not be deformed in the future. The stiffness of these threads allows you to create things like a backpack or bag, they will also keep their shape well.

Care for knitwear

Firstly, for each washing of knitted yarn products in the washing machine, only the delicate mode should be set, while the water temperature should not exceed 30 ° C. You need to wring things at low speeds. If possible, give preference to liquid detergents.

To preserve the shape of the products, they must be dried on horizontal surfaces (but not on heating appliances). To give the product its original appearance after drying, it can be steamed.

Soaking and the use of bleaching agents is strictly prohibited.






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